Development Services

We have experience in many languages and can integrate with other systems / services, even when there is little to no documentation.

Languages / Environments we have worked with
  • Web Specific languages like: ASP / PHP / Javascript
  • C / C++
  • Java
  • Assembler
  • Complex shell scripts (ksh, bash, csh, windows batch, powershell)
  • Running on Windows / OpenBSD / Linux
  • Embeded systems like the 8051 / ATTiny / Rabbit Semiconductor
Systems we have created
  • Integrated Support System (case management, client information, Knowledge Base) with monitoring of systems / services and intrustion detection.
  • Many different custom Client Management Systems
  • Internet fax service
  • Callback reminder system
  • Remote access system
  • API and microservices
  • Short URL service
  • Patient Portal
  • Web Booking service integrated into different systems
  • Balloon tracking system