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OBSD.COM - NicholasJanzen.ca - Computer Programs

Contact Me: (nj a_t nicholasjanzen.ca)
Here are a few programs i thought worthly of uploading to my website, I generally do not like to use libraries if possible and try to keep programs small and simple, these are great for learning about programming:

Most of my programs use C, not C++

  • ircbothangman.c - irc bot that joins channel #nj and allows users to play hangman together
  • balloon32.c - runs on pic (attiny) and is a beacon for a HAB (see http://arawr.ca for more details)
  • rttyaprs.c - connects to aprs (internet) and translates rtty from above program to aprs network
  • webproxy.c - allows you to make a caching web proxy for your website to speed up requests, this was created a long time ago to speed up ncompas resolution
  • dns.c - a simple DNS server you can customize to return data from a database / etc, a different version of this was used to return entries from a client database in postgresql
  • mime.cc - Minesweeper for ncurses, written as a university assignment.
  • si.c - Space invaders for ncurses
  • nibbles.c - Nibbles for ncurses


  • drawpixc.asm - Simple program demonstrating working directly with BIOS and the screen (last modified 1998)

I except no liability for these programs, use at your own risk, if you repost or use in your projects, please reference me and/or this website. Note, some of these examples may be poorly documented.

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